Re: Public Defibrillator List for Co. Kerry


The Kerry PPN are delighted with all the feedback we have received regarding the mapping of Defibrillator’s in County Kerry.


Just to outline the history and process of this innovative project for all the PPN members.

The Kerry PPN  was contacted by the HSE | Community Engagement Officer | National Ambulance Service South with regards to undertaking this project and the PPN wholeheartedly agreed to undertake such a valuable worthwhile project.

The Kerry PPN designed the AED Locator form which the HSE | Community Engagement Officer | National Ambulance Service South signed off on and we quickly got to work capturing the information onto google maps.

We are delighted to say at all stages the , HSE | Community Engagement Officer | National Ambulance Service South was kept up to date on the progress and they were delighted with the way in which the information was captured on the map and how easily assessable it was to navigate  .

Subsequently all information was shared to the HSE | Community Engagement Officer  and it was acknowledged that the Kerry PPN had captured a substantial number of AED’s within County Kerry , which is fantastic news and so important to capture as much information as possible.


Huge thanks to the community groups who have completed the AED locator form, the mapping has  well and truly started. To view the map as it stands today, please visit

All information on the map is submitted by  community groups, it is important to remember that this is a live map and details of Defibrillators in the community may change and submissions and amendments from the public are welcome.

This map will be kept live and will be available to all the community group , it will be a tremendous addition of community information along with the PPN Community map highlighting the various supports and services that were and still are available to the community and this map provided a life line for many families accessing information as to what was available in their area or in an area where a family member lived, such as HSE services, delivery services, meals on wheels ,community centres, An Garda Siochana etc.


Important: This map is for information purposes only. The first point of contact in an emergency should be to call the emergency services on 999 or 112

Help us with the Map

This map was created with the help of individuals and community groups providing us with the locations of defibrillators in County Kerry.  We need your help to keep this map as accurate as possible.


  • Let us know about any defibrillators not currently on the map
  • Let us know about the functionality of defibrillators listed on the map
  • Help us fill in the details on each of the defibrillators – persons responsible, last service check, access codes etc.
  • If you can help with any of these or have any queries please use the contact form . (Note correction here to previous email)

Please ensure you have an Eircode for the building at which the AED is located. See Eircode Finder at

Defibrillator Checklist

1. Check the Defibrillator once per week for damage and general routine maintenance.

2. Check the dates on the AED Pads:  pads that are out of date could cause the AED not to detect the rhythm from the patient’s heart and in certain situations not deliver a shock when required.

3. Check the battery on the AED, again if the battery is low or dead the AED may not deliver a shock when required.

4. Ensure all personnel trained to use the AED have their courses completed and updated.

5. If you are unaware of when your AED was last serviced, contact an Engineer/Supplier and they will organise this for you.


We are initially aiming this at the First Responder groups, Community Alert groups and Cardiac Response Units , but we are also aware of the many defibrillators out in the community and would be grateful for as much support, assistance and information as possible to identify the locations of these defibrillators.

The Kerry PPN hope you will agree that this initiative will  be of great assistance to the general public.

If you have any questions or we can be of help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Kind Regards,

Caroline Toal

On behalf of the Kerry PPN Secretariat

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