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The Kerry PPN is the main link through which the Local Authority connects with the Environmental, Social Inclusion, Community and Voluntary Organisations and allows community participation in policy-making structures and committees of Council.

What is the Kerry Public Participation Network?

Kerry Public Participation Network has been established to enable people and community groups in Co Kerry to have a say on issues that concern them. These Public Participation Networks (PPNs) are structures for public engagement and participation in Local Government in each Local Authority area. Kerry Public Participation Network is also a Registered Charity. RCN  20204668


How does my group get involved?

Kerry Public Participation Network is the best way your group or community can become involved in shaping the future of Co Kerry. Membership of the PPN provides opportunities for better representation, networking, information sharing and input into policy development Read more

How do I register

Registration is easy. Simply click here and complete the Registration Form. There is no charge. Registered groups receive regular updates, information on funding opportunities and also benefit from the group insurance scheme.

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Sustainable Development Goals


Details of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) 28th April 20212.30-4.30as promised, please share to all your groups and networks.

Here is the Eventbrite sign up for that time and date


The Kerry PPN is supporting an SDG workshop so that groups and organisations can see how to apply these 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which reflect economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development to the work that they are undertaking


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity.


Learn and teach for a sustainable future – Empowering Public Participation Networks across Ireland to take action of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


The trainings will highlight the relevance of the SDGs in a local-specific context and also the potential that Development Education has in creating transformative change in communities. DP would like to extend an invitation for your PPN to be one of the six PPNs involved in this programme in 2021.

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Mental Health Small Grants

Ok RE: Community Mental Health Small Grants Scheme


Healthy Ireland is a government-led initiative aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of everyone living in Ireland.  Round 3 of the ‘Healthy Ireland Fund’ (HIF) was granted to the Kerry Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) and €30,000 of this funding was ringfenced to deliver a Community Mental Health Small Grants Scheme so that local level initiatives that promote and enhance mental health and wellbeing are highlighted and supported.


Local community, voluntary and sporting organisations are asked to come up with ideas for initiatives that can improve the mental health and wellbeing of people in the community and to tackle loneliness and isolation.  Projects will be very much driven by communities and can be centred around topics that promote mental health and wellbeing such as the health and wellbeing messages promoted as part of the national ‘Keep Well’ campaign: keeping active, keeping in contact, managing your mood, switching off and being creative, and eating well.


A minimum of six applicants will receive up to €5,000 to deliver health and wellbeing projects that align with the theme of Mental Health from April to October 2021.


For further details and to apply online visit:



Closing date for applications is 17:00 on Monday 22nd March 2021

For any queries please email:HealthyKerry@kerrycoco.ie or contact the Community Office of Kerry County Council at 066-7183680





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Corona Virus Update Kerry

Community Response to COVID-19 & MAP

A new Community Response Advisory Group has been established in Kerry to coordinate the community response to COVID-19 and to ensure that vulnerable members of the community can avail of a trusted and coordinated support service during the current public health emergency.

View the our support group map click on link below

COVID-19 Community Support Group Map  

As part of the national response to Covid-19, Kerry Public Participation Network (PPN) and Kerry County Council are working closely to support stakeholders and community groups.

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