Welcome to Kerry PPN

The Kerry PPN is the main link through which the Local Authority connects with the Environmental, Social Inclusion, Community and Voluntary Organisations and allows community participation in policy-making structures and committees of Council.

What is the Kerry Public Participation Network?

Kerry Public Participation Network has been established to enable people and community groups in Co Kerry to have a say on issues that concern them. These Public Participation Networks (PPNs) are structures for public engagement and participation in Local Government in each Local Authority area. Kerry Public Participation Network is also a Registered Charity. RCN  20204668


How does my group get involved?

Kerry Public Participation Network is the best way your group or community can become involved in shaping the future of Co Kerry. Membership of the PPN provides opportunities for better representation, networking, information sharing and input into policy development Read more

How do I register

Registration is easy. Simply click here and complete the Registration Form. There is no charge. Registered groups receive regular updates, information on funding opportunities and also benefit from the group insurance scheme.

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Kerry Community Newsletter. Issue 78. 10/6/22

Kerry Community Newsletter. Issue 78. 10/6/22

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Kerry Community Awards

Kerry Community Awards 2022

The Awards are open to all VOLUNTARY groups in County Kerry. If you are proud of your group and what it has achieved over the past month/years why not tell the judges about it.


There are twenty prizes for the finalists from €500 to €1000 and the overall winner gets an additional €1500. It doesn’t matter what size your group is ,  previous winners have been all sizes from Countywide to a small group working in a village.


This is not a grant, it is in recognition of the work Voluntary Groups do , so fill in an application form and tell us about your group by completing this form on your phone pad or computer or contact our Development Officer Caroline Toal on 087 6891105 or ctoal@kerrycoco.ie  and she will make sure an application form gets out to you





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Kerry Ukraine Sports Appeal

Kerry’s Ukraine Sports Appeal

Kerry is continuing to welcome large numbers of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the terrible situation in their home country. We want to build on the warm welcome the people of Kerry have given to the Ukrainian people and help to integrate them into our communities.  

As Kerry Recreation & Sports Partnership builds on our coordination plan, we are collating information from sports clubs, sports facilities, sport/activity camps, gyms, outdoor facilities etc. on activities or events, they are running that could include the Ukrainians within their community. This can be in any form, no matter how big or small, from Summer Camps, open days, fun days, waiving fees, providing free classes, equipment, activities to donating sports gear etc. Also, your weekly club activity schedule so we can signpost people to where and when the sessions are on etc. 

If your club or group has any plans on how they can welcome and integrate this new community,please take 3 minutes to fill out the information in the online form at this link:     

  • https://forms.gle/cFZcztANbdGmnXdK6 

We will be in touch again directly should we seek to gain further specific details on the information you provide.

Our hope is that collectively we might be able to provide a semblance of normality and hope to those displaced.  

Thank you to all the clubs and individuals who have reached out already.
It is massively appreciated.  

We look forward to more of the same and using sport and physical activity as that vehicle to bring people together, feel welcomed and part of the community.  

Gearóid O Doherty

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Want to Host Ukrainian Refugees

Are You Hosting or considering hosting Ukrainian Refugees in Kerry?

Kerry Community Response Forum is organising a webinar that will provide information and assistance to households hosting Ukrainian refugees and households considering becoming a host.

This webinar will allow you to share information, ask questions, and find out more about the services and supports available in Kerry so we can help Ukrainian refugees arriving into Ireland to integrate into our community.

Webinar Date: Tuesday 17th May 2022                        Time: 19:00                                Pre-registration is required at the following link:  Register: https://cutt.ly/GHpXaYF


Olga Lacey, Irish Red Cross                                                                                                               

Topic: Expectations when hosting Ukrainian refugees

Olga Lacey – Migration Services Resettlement Caseworker. Background in international peacebuilding, security, and development practice. Previous experience working as a Project Officer with ‘All Together in Dignity, Ireland’, and with IOM (International Organisation for Migration) – UN Migration, in South Eastern Africa.                                                                                                                                      

Elisa Babkina, NASC, the Migrant and Refugee Rights Centre

Topic – Ukrainian Culture

Elisa was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. At age of 17 she moved to Poland to obtain MA degree in International Relations with the focus on Peace and Reconciliation Studies, where she run a Student Association to research and tackle the issues on racism and xenophobia. She has a keen interest in human rights and arts and volunteered to numerous NGOs in Ukraine. Currently, she is working as a Community Sponsorship Officer at NASC.

Mary Carroll, Tralee International Resource Centre (TIRC)                         

Topic: Resources and supports available to Ukrainian Refugees in Kerry

Mary Carroll has been the co-ordinator of the Tralee International Resource Centre since 2009, an NGO which works to support and help the international community to integrate into their new lives in Tralee. With a background in Equality, having worked as Equality Officer for the development NGO Concern, and also for the Irish Farmer’s Association, she is passionate about helping less advantaged members of the community.  She has worked as a trainer, specialising in working with community groups, and in personal development.

Questions & Answers Panellists

Olga Lacey                            Irish Red Cross

Elisa Babkina,                    NASC, the Migrant and Refugee Rights Centre

Mary Carroll                      Tralee International Resource Centre (TIRC)

Marilyn Counihan              Kerry Immigrant Support Centre (KASI)

Caroline Doyle                   Health Service Executive (HSE)

Ann O’Dwyer                      Kerry Education Training Board (KETB)

Gerard Curtain                   Department of Social Protection

Éamonn O’Reilly                North East West Kerry Development   (NEWKD)

Éadaoin Moynihan          South Kerry Development Partnership  (SKDP)


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