Ahaneboy Community Group Castleisland Kerry

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Ahaneboy Castleisland Kerry V 92PD68 Castleisland Kerry V92PD68 | 0868267426 | kerryscenicplatform@gmail.com

Voluntary Community Action Group with local members. Close knit community. Community Initiatives, Advocating Tourism, Enhancing Jobs - Employment Opportunities, Protecting the Environment (KCC behaviour at Glounsharoon KSP, Illegal Dumping, Litter L10696 etc etc) ( Road Safety Issues N21, and protecting the elderly up here) Advocating Kerry Scenic Platform at Glounsharoon and relocating the KCC Yard there to create one fantastic Kerry Scenic Platform .. refer … http://kerryscenicplatform.com/ http://kerryscenicplatform.com/?page_id=104 Also involved in Ancestral Research & Gathering Events http://fkancestry.com/ FB https://www.facebook.com/FKAncestrycom-351686288661861

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