The Kerry PPN Development Officer Caroline Toal, along with Eamon O’Keeffe, PPN Support worker and Catherine White, Sign Language Interpreter have put together a short video on How and Why to make a submission to the Draft Kerry County Development Plan 2022-2028.

What is the County Development Plan?

The Draft Kerry County Development Plan 2022-2028 sets out the overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of the County.

The County Development Plan in the main, focuses on ‘big picture’ planning issues. The plan sets out the policies and objectives to guide the future development of the County.

It includes a set of development objectives and standards, which outlines where land is to be developed, and for what purposes (e.g., housing, shopping, schools, employment, open space, amenity, conservation

What does a development plan contain? It contains various elements, a few points to highlight,

  1. A vision for the county.
  2. A core strategy: This acts as the fundamental link between national, regional and county planning by demonstrating that the county planning policy is consistent with higher level national and regional policy and objectives.
  3. A settlement strategy: this sets out the role and function of each town and village, how much land should be zoned for business development, retail & tourism, and where.
  4. Objectives for the provision of infrastructure such as roads, sewage and water.

Why should someone or a group make a submission? To answer this, we first explain what a submission is.

It is a statement by your or your group on their thoughts, views, opinions or knowledge on a particular plan or policy being prepared or considered. In this case, the submission relates to the Development Plan being prepared by Kerry County Council in consultation with the community.


In a submission,

  • you are ultimately attempting to influence a decision
  • to ensure that the voice of you, your group and/or your community is heard. 
  • to seek to influence the making of the plan and effect positive change in our community.
  • to highlight what is working well and what is not.
  • to suggest new ideas and proposals and what is needed for the future wellbeing of our communities.


REMEMBER If you have ever thought ‘that’s what they should do about ……….

This is the opportunity for you as an individual or group to have your say.

The KCC website and online portal is explained, navigated and presented and signed by Catherine.

REMEMBER: It is very important to prepare your submission well so that it will make a real impact and that the issues and suggestions can be addressed through this process.  

Your submission should be as clear and as focused as possible, so that the Council know who you are, the issues you wish to highlight and why you are making the submission. 

If you do not wish to make a submission by the online portal we have just shown you, remember you can make a submission in writing

Damien Ginty, Senior Planner, Planning Policy Unit, Kerry County Council, Rathass, Tralee, Co. Kerry, V92H7BT.

Submissions in writing are to be clearly marked with ‘KERRY COUNTY DEVELOPMENT PLAN’.


Consultation time – Monday 6th December 2021 to Wednesday 23rd February 2022 (both dates inclusive).

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