To all Kerry PPN Registered groups.

The Kerry PPN is now seeking nominations for positions onto Kerry County Councils Strategic Policy Committees.
There are 9 seats available on the Strategic Policy Committees for the Community / Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental pillars of the Kerry PPN.

The primary role of the Strategic Policy Committees is to assist Kerry County Council in the formulation, development and review of policy. The SPC arrangement harnesses the experience and expertise of relevant external bodies and enhance the overall role of Councillors by providing a platform for an input into policy formulation at an early stage.
It is essential that SPC’s will continue to have a function in other non-statutory policy fields such as:
Policy related to development of Work Programmes and the establishment of priorities for particular services.
Consideration of the needs of people with disabilities in the formulation and implementation of relevant policies.
The strategic monitoring of Local Authority services.
Integration of sustainability principles to particular services.
These Committees will not have power to decide or determine Council Policy; this power will continue to be a function of the Council acting as a Body. However, if the Strategic Policy Committee system is to work in a meaningful way, it will be important that the Council take full cognisance of the work of the Committees when deciding on policy matters.

  1. Economic Development , Enterprise and Community SPC –

       Community / voluntary seat

  1. Roads and Transportation and Marine SPC –

      Community / voluntary seat

  1. Environment, climate Change and Emergency Planning SPC –     

      Environmental / Conservation seat
      Social Inclusion seat

  1. Housing SPC

      Community / Voluntary seat
      Social Inclusion seat

  1. Culture and Heritage and the Gaeltacht SPC

      Environmental / Conservation seat
      Social Inclusion seat
      Community / Voluntary seat

Closing date to receive nominations for Kerry County Council Strategic Policy Committees was Friday 8th November 

Nominations are being verified and elections will take place before year end.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information

Caroline Toal
Kerry PPN Development Officer