Kerry’s Ukraine Sports Appeal

Kerry is continuing to welcome large numbers of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the terrible situation in their home country. We want to build on the warm welcome the people of Kerry have given to the Ukrainian people and help to integrate them into our communities.  

As Kerry Recreation & Sports Partnership builds on our coordination plan, we are collating information from sports clubs, sports facilities, sport/activity camps, gyms, outdoor facilities etc. on activities or events, they are running that could include the Ukrainians within their community. This can be in any form, no matter how big or small, from Summer Camps, open days, fun days, waiving fees, providing free classes, equipment, activities to donating sports gear etc. Also, your weekly club activity schedule so we can signpost people to where and when the sessions are on etc. 

If your club or group has any plans on how they can welcome and integrate this new community,please take 3 minutes to fill out the information in the online form at this link:     


We will be in touch again directly should we seek to gain further specific details on the information you provide.


Our hope is that collectively we might be able to provide a semblance of normality and hope to those displaced.  

Thank you to all the clubs and individuals who have reached out already.
It is massively appreciated.  

We look forward to more of the same and using sport and physical activity as that vehicle to bring people together, feel welcomed and part of the community.  

Gearóid O Doherty