Seanchai – Kerry Writers’ Museum

Our main objective is: • To establish and develop an Arts & Cultural Centre in the town of Listowel for the benefit of the public as a whole, to advance the unique artistic, musical and literary tradition of the Irish people. In addition the Seanchaí – Kerry Writers’ Museum aims : • To collect, safeguard, hold in trust, research, develop and interpret collections of original objects and original objects on loan, in relation to the literary & traditional arts heritage for the public benefit. • To purchase and develop buildings in the town of Listowel including Listowel Castle, and such other buildings as may from time to time arise, such buildings to be used for the benefit of the public as a whole. • To promote and disseminate information in relation to the literary and musical heritage of the Irish people; to engage in research in connection with the literary and musical heritage of the Irish people and to provide educational opportunities for students and the general public in relation to literature, music and other matters of local interest. • To develop the cultural centre as a tourist destination and to promote tourist interest in Irish culture and heritage. • To act as a co-ordinating body for the development of tourism and culture in the town of Listowel in association with local authorities, development agencies, educational interests and local communities. • To establish, operate and conduct educational courses, classes, tours and the like for tourists and literary and musical enthusiasts and other interested parties and to provide advice and consultancy on all matters in relation thereto. • To establish, operate and maintain literary, musical and cultural museums and displays and to display, manufacture, sell or deal in all sorts of related items, souvenirs and gift ware. We organise arts programmes & activities for young people and adults including creative writing, arts & crafts and drama classes & workshops & classes in traditional music.

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