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Transition Kerry is part of a local, national & international initiative. We are working together to help our local communities to think about making themselves more resilient in response to three major things that are happening in our world: CLIMATE CHANGE, ENERGY SECURITY, FOOD SECURITY & ECONOMIC/SOCIAL CHANGE. Transition Kerry began in November 2007 as Transition Town Tralee, when we held a public meeting to look at how Tralee would be in the future with the effects of Climate Change and Peak Oil. In 2010, in response to growing demand and increased work across the county of Kerry, we changed to Transition Kerry. We have a core group of 9 people sitting on our steering group, representing a network of affiliated working groups. From the beginning we organised monthly public meetings and day events, raising awareness about issues relating to sustainability, climate change and community resilience. These talks and public meetings have focused on: ➢ Food and Biodiversity ➢ Energy ➢ Education and Awareness Raising ➢ Water ➢ Waste ➢ Transport ➢ Local Economy ➢ Personal and Community Transition Our main focus is on how to build resilient and sustainable communities. We are guided by the Transition and Permaculture Principles of Earth Care, Faire Share and People Care. Our main work is attempting to raise awareness with people and communities about how we are currently living and how sustainable it is. This also means looking at the broad area of values around social justice, environmental sustainability and building resilient communities. Transition Kerry is about creating awareness and networks to ensure that local sustainability is at the core of all actions & policies made at local, national & international levels. Our objective is to accelerate change through inspiring, encouraging, supporting, networking and training our communities as they consider and then implement their vision for the future that they want to live in.

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