Transition Corca Dhuibhne

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c/o Darach Ó Murchú Baile Dháith Baile na nGall Trá Lí Co. Chiarraí | 872153758 | |
Our aims are to enable our community to be more sustainable, to develop resilience and to promote self reliance. We work on projects that concern waste, energy, resource use, food & water and transport; and span themes such as the natural and living environment, quality of life and community well being. Our objectives are to build capacity with a view to providing our needs from local resources and to promote engagement with issues that effect us now and in the future. We strive to achieve our objectives through collaborative work & learning, resource & information sharing and community involvement. Examples of our activities include initiatives (zero-waste Dingle Food Festival), community events (repair café) and projects (Plastic free dingle). We also run training (e.g. tree planting and orchard growing), awareness raising and outreach programmes and liaise with the local authority and other local groups. We are open to more people being involved, either to assist on initiatives and work projects and/or to contribute in organisational role, in whatever way suits.

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