Saoirse Independent Advocacy Group

Social Inclusion |
c/o Oilean Beo An Riocht Health and Leisure Castleisland Co. Kerry V92X482 | 087 9080836 |
The Saoirse Independent Advocacy Group started in 2009. The group is made up of Adults from different service providers and is open to all people who have a disability from the Sliabh Luachra area. The group helped set up the Saoirse Advocacy service for people with Intellectual Disabilites, now run by the Citizens Information Board and employs a full time Advocate for County Kerry. Unfortunately, this person works with individuals and we would like to get support as a group to develop group advocacy. The group had been facilitated by Deborah Birmingham, a wonderful advocate, but, Deborah has moved onto other projects. During her time with the group the following has been achieved:- Campaigned successfully for a path to be repaired and made accessible from An Riocht Health and Leisure Centre to Castleisland Town, We went on 0ne protest march in 2009 against welfare cuts, We campaigned successfully for three years to get an accessible footpath with lights from Glebe Lodge to Castleisland town, Organised and hosted a Bereavement and Loss information session in Nov 2010 and got an article in frontline magazine for people with intellectual disabilities amongst other things. Aim of our group is to offer an independent group advocacy service for people who have an intellectual disability in the Sliabh Luachra area

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