Maharees Conservation

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Maharees Conservation was formed on 16th February, 2016 in response to growing concerns of the problems associated with the worsening coastal erosion at Maharees. The objectives of Maharees Conservation are: I. to successfully lobby local authorities, the government and other stakeholders to secure an effective and long-term solution for the problem of coastal erosion in Maharees. II. to propose and implement a management plan for Maharees, working with the Kerry County Council, the National Parks and Wildlife Services, the OPW, the Gardai and other stakeholders; which will protect the dune systems, the coast and natural habitat (from problems arising from illegal parking, illegal camping, mismanagement of the access routes to the beach, over grazing and other breaches of beach bye laws). III. to regenerate areas of sand dune/ marram grass which have been degraded. IV. to educate and communicate with the visitors and residents of Maharees regarding the aforementioned management plan and the conservation of Maharees and in doing so to effect a behavioural change in residents and those who visit the area. V. to raise funds to be utilised in accomplishing i-iv above. Activities to date include: Maharees Conservation has a obtained a signed written agreement from all of the commonage landowners at Maharabeg to allow it to take appropriate action to protect the dune system at Maharees. Other achievements include: *Creation of web site and social media platforms to educate the local community about conservation issues and to communicate with local government, TDs, county councillors re. the need to invest in coastal protection measures. *Commencement of a management plan proposal for the area which will protect the dune system through better management of the commonage at Maharabeg, management of public access to the beaches and implementation of beach bye laws. *Marram Grass Planting (ongoing) in conjunction with Clean Coasts an Taisce, at vulnerable sites

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