Ballylongford Christmas Lights Project Group

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c/o David Byrne Lenamore Ballylongford Co. Kerry | 087 6172621 |
Our aim is to make our village an exceptionally welcoming and cheerful place over the Christmas period for all of our returning family members, local businesses, local organisations and families. To create a friendly and positive atmosphere for all the people of our locality. in our first year (2015), we managed to gather support from all the local community groups, coordinated by the excellent tidy towns organisation, to provide large, fully lit, Christmas trees and limited street lighting for the first time in the history of our village. During that project, which was decided on in early November, we raised our own funds directly and had support of from Kerry County Council which was vital. We now have all our own tree lighting of over, our own professional tree bases built, some small street pole lighting , promotional signage and an active local committee made up of all local organisations, mainly due to the support received from the council and the success of own efforts. We had a very successful lighting ceremony with over 200 people attending with local choirs and local schools. We now want to build on this plus put up professional larger street pole lighting which will enhance the village and add to our very successful first year.

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