Who Can Join?

To qualify for membership of Kerry PPN your group/organisation must:-

  • Be active and have a postal address in County Kerry
  • Have more than 5 members
  • Be non-party political
  • Be in existence for a minimum of 6 months
  • Are independent i.e. not a sub-committee or a subgroup of another Organisation
  • Operate on a not for profit basis

To register your community group, please fill out the following form. All boxes and questions  with a star MUST be completed. Elsewhere in Contact details put None if you don’t have a Landline, Facebook Page or Website.

Failure to do so can result in your application being rejected.

If you have any enquiries about registering, you wish to obtain further information please contact Breeda O’Sullivan (Development Officer) on 066-7183579 or Andrea Moriarty (Support Worker) on 066-7183686/087488360 or email us at ppn@kerrycoco.ie.




Please submit details of your alternate contact person below.  Please tick the box to confirm you have permission to supply their information to us.


Age Friendly Over 55+ Network

Click here to view the Age Friendly section on our website to learn more.

This must be a dd/mm/yyyy


What will Kerry PPN do with your information?

Groups joining Kerry PPN are providing us with their contact details in order to enable them to be fully consulted and included in the local democratic processes as well as in the national network of PPNs. 

Groups joining the PPN are entering an agreement that the details they supply may be shared with other members of the network, with the elected representatives of the PPN, with members of Kerry PPN’s secretariat, with the Environmental Pillar, with Kerry Council and with other bodies or persons who require access in order to facilitate the ongoing work of the PPN. 

When you join Kerry PPN you are also agreeing to receive emails and newsletters from us. 

Kerry PPN will not supply the information provided to it to any person or organisation not engaged in PPN work or activities or in the community and voluntary sector in Kerry.

In the future Kerry PPN may display the names and locations of member groups on its website. Individuals or member groups may request to have their personal data supplied to them and/or removed from or updated on the register by giving 30 days’ notice to Kerry PPN