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Creative Ireland Kerry

Creative Communities Grants Scheme 2023


The Creative Ireland Kerry (CIK) Programme is a collaboration between Creative Ireland and Kerry County Council. The vision of the Creative Ireland Programme 2023–2027 is to mainstream creativity in the life of the nation so that individually and collectively, in our personal lives and in our institutions, we can realise our full creative potential thereby promoting individual, community and national wellbeing.

Creative Ireland Kerry’s vision is to ensure creativity is an integral part of everyday life for the people of Kerry. We will achieve this by (1) growing capacity in the creative sector to engage with communities in Kerry; (2) targeting support that aligns to local and national strategic priorities; and (3) maintaining a flexible approach to enable us to work in partnership to develop and sustain engagement opportunities across communities.

The focus of this scheme is to enable creativity in every community. The Creative Communities Grants Scheme is a part of the 2023–2027 Culture & Creativity Strategy for Kerry*, informed by public consultation in 2022. Grant sums will vary in value, depending on the number of meritableapplications, with due regard to geographical spread. This is a competitive process. Applicants must demonstrate how they might access additional funds to develop the project, should they not secure the full amount requested.

* A summary of the upcoming strategy is available on request by emailing


1. Projects must take place in Kerry in 2023, have a clear collaboration with an identified community group/community of interest/geographical group segment/target sector who have agreed to participate with a creative practitioner(s). Projects must be relevant to Kerry with a defined ambition and clearly outlined outcomes.
2. Projects must enhance the experience of creativity with good citizen participation and engagement.
3. Projects must have a tangible outcome with a showcase event/launch/talk etc. that is free of charge.
4. Projects must be cultural in nature and reflective of the ideas, way of life, customs and social behaviours of people in Kerry.
5. Projects must be feasible, cultivate well-being in the participating community, and have a realistic financial basis providing good value for money.
6. Applicants must have a bank account and have a taxclearance certificate.
7. Projects must be accessible to diverse audiences and participants, and be inclusive in theme and approach.
8. Organisers must observe Codes of Practice. Child First Guidelines including appropriate GardaVetting procedures, Health & Safety Regulations, Equal Opportunities policies and procedures must be in place and adhered to where relevant and in all cases.
9. Projects must align with the national Creative Ireland programme Enabling Creativity in Every Community.For more information on Creative Ireland see
10. Canvassing of elected representatives will disqualify the applicant.
11. Applications must be submitted on the official application form, via email to by 1 p.m.  on Tuesday 28 February 2023.
12. Projects must be completed by Friday 27 October 2023.


Creative Ireland Kerry is accepting applications from communities who can link with creative (arts, craft, heritage, Irish language, digital media etc.) practitioners for projects that reflect the Creative Ireland ethos. Alternatively, creative practitioners can lead the application but must show collaboration with a community.

i) Creative practitioners must have studied in their field and must bring experience to the project. Experienced practitioners in managing intellectual property, or in arts management, advertising, architecture, craft, design, digital media, fashion, heritage, music production, performing arts, production management, publishing, radio, TV or film, creative industries and creative climate action may apply.
ii) The critical aspect is the transferable nature of the creative skill and how it will mobilise a collaboration with a large community. Applications must ensure a significant degree of community participation, community impact and engagement. The community must benefit from the project.

All projects will be evaluated using the following marking scheme:


The degree of commitment and engagement proposed between the creative practitioner and the community.



The scale of the project in terms of innovation, ambition, cultural relevance and proposed outcomes.



The project costing; its accuracy and value for money.



The applicant’s experience and projectmanagement track record; the feasibility of completing the project.





What fund amounts are available?

It is expected that fund amounts will be for a minimum of €2,000 and a maximum of €5,000. Independent external expertise will be sought in assessing applications for this funding.

There is no guarantee of funding for events that achieve the minimum eligibility criteria. The fund is limited and eligible applications will be evaluated on a competitive basis.

What is not eligible for the fund?

Projects that are profit making or commercial.
For projects that donate large portions of income to charity, the cost of items for resale.
Capital and infrastructure projects.
Projects such as statues, dedications and plaques.
Applications where funding required is considerably more than the fund can supply.
Poorlycomposed applications, lacking in relevant details as requested on the application form.
Applications from Schools and Festivals for core activity;however, where the wider community is directly engaged on a specific project, applications will be considered.

How will I know if my group has been successful?

We hope to be able to issue decisions by the end of March 2023.

Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Offer. This letter will form the contract between Kerry County Council and the organiser and will detail all conditions and requirements.

Should you intend to accept and carry out the proposal as per your application, we will require confirmation in writing no later than five working days from the issue of the Letter of Offer. Without this confirmation, the grant will be re-allocated.

If I am successful, how do I draw down the fund?

50% of the grant is paid out on commencement of the event/project. To access this, we require completion of (i) a short Creative Ireland Part A portal form and (ii) anElectronic Funds Transfer form, as well as (iii) a Tax Clearance Certificate. The Part A form asks for basic information about the project, e.g. its target audience, genre/artform, dates etc.

The remaining 50% of the grant will only be paid out on completion of the event/project and following receipt by the Arts Office of (i) a completed Creative Ireland ‘Part B’ portal form accompanied by (ii) images as well as (iii) publicity material evidencing that the support of Kerry County Council and Creative Ireland Kerry has been acknowledged. The Part B form asks for details of public response, audience figures and testimonials, and finances.

The deadline for submitting these is Friday 27 October 2023.

The forms will be supplied to successful applicants by Kerry County Council.

Kerry County Council reserves the right to audit the records pertaining to any event to ensure compliance with the Kerry County Council guidelines. Funding not claimed by Friday 27 of October 2023 will be forfeited.


Once you have been notified that you have been successful in receiving funding, you must ensure that your event is promoted as part of this initiative and appropriate guidelines to support this will be included with the Letter of Offer.

It is vital that the support of Kerry County Council and Creative Ireland Kerry for the event/project is recognised and promoted. This support must be acknowledged through the inclusion of our logos on all publicity, press and marketing material produced about the event/project.


Kerry County Council proposes that the following information relating to this grant application competition will be made available on request:

1. Names of the successful applicants;
2. Reasons an applicant did not qualify for grant consideration.

Kerry County Council undertakes to use its best endeavours to hold confidential any information provided by applicants,subject to its obligations under law, including the Freedom of Information Act 2014. Applicants are requested to consider if any of the information supplied should not be disclosed because of its sensitivity. If this is the case, candidates should, when providing the information, identify same and specify the reasons for its sensitivity. If such information is not identified as sensitive and Kerry County Council upon consideration does not deem it sensitive, then such information is liable to be released in response to a Freedom of Information request without further consultation with the applicant. Kerry CountyCouncil will consult with any applicants about sensitive information prior to making a decision on any Freedom of Information Act request received.


This fund is publicly advertised and is competitive. Successful recipients’ names and project proposals will be detailed to media (radio, press and social media) and in reports. Contact details will be made available to media and funding agencies upon request, with regard to information or publicity relating to the funded project. Images of recipients and the activity funded by Creative Ireland Kerry will be used for documentation purposes, in reports, as well as for publicity to local and national media outlets. It will also be used to inform funding agencies (Kerry County Council, and Creative Ireland via the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sportand Media and The Department of Housing and Local Government). By applying for the fund, you are agreeing to the above use of your data.

2023 CREATIVE IRELAND KERRY Creative Communities Grants Scheme

Kerry County Council

Creative Communities Grant Scheme 2023

Application Form


The accompanying Conditions, Guidelines etc. must be read before making application.


a. Please tick: Creative Practitioner ​​Artist

Community Group ​​Other Please describe:  ___________________


b. Mission Statement: ___________________________________________________



c.Contact Person(s):___________________________________________________


d. Postal Address:___________________________________________________


e. Telephone/Mobile:___________________________________________________

f. Email:​​​___________________________________________________

g. Website:​​___________________________________________________

h. Description of organisation(s) tick all that apply:

Local community group / Arts Collective / Arts Group

Arts Centre / Venue / Collective​​​​

Community Council / Centre / Group​​​


Creative Practitioner​​​​​

Other (please give details)​​​​



a. What is the title of your proposed event/project?___________________________


b. (i) Where and (ii) when will it take place?

(i) _______________________________________________________________

(ii) _______________________________________________________________

c. What type of event/project is it? (tick one only)

Celebratory Multi-Art-Form event/project​​

A Heritage/IrishLanguage/Architecture/Design project

Creation of New Work with community​​​

A specific Drama/Music/Literature/Film event/project

A Seminar/Lecture/Conference​​​​

An Exhibition-style event/project​​​​

An intensive Workshop programme​​​

Other (please give details below)​​​​



d. Please provide a summary of the event/project.

Include the details on the degree of community engagement with the creative practitioner/artist. Include objectives, proposed outcomes and anticipated impact.

(Min 100, max 300 words).

e. Please provide details of the target audience, the participants and possible wider audience (e.g.children, families, communities etc.).

f. Please provide a detailed CV and/or background information on the artist(s) and/or creative practitioners, their roles and ambitions for the project.

g. Please describe how the event/project aligns with the theme of ‘Enabling Creativity in Every Community’.

h. Please provide information on the expected number of participants and how you will reach them.

i. Please provide a detailed breakdown of costs of this proposal.

ITEM (e.g. printing, marketing, catering, professional fees etc.)





j. Please provide details of your capacity to deliver this project (e.g. previous experience).

k. Has this project received, or applied for, other sources of funding?

Yes ​​​No

If ‘Yes, please state the source and amount of funding:___________________________


l. If you are a community group, is your group a member of the Kerry County Public Participation Network?

Yes  ​​​No  


I have completed all relevant sections of this application form and confirm that all information provided is accurate.

Name (printed): _________________________Signature: ________________________

Position: _______________________________Date:____________________________

SUBMISSION DEADLINE 1 p.m. Tuesday 28 February 2023


using the Subject line ‘Creative Communities Grant Scheme 2023’

The application form may be typed or hand-written. If written, please complete in block capitals using additional paper where required.

Please print, and then scan and email with the appropriate signature(s) of the organiser. Alternatively include a digital image of the signature(s).

Applications submitted to any other email address will not be accepted.

You will receive a formal acknowledgement of your application.

2023 CREATIVE IRELAND KERRY Creative Communities Grants Scheme