Castleisland-Corca Dhuibhne

The Castle of the Island Society

We are a voluntary non-profit society with the aim of preserving and promoting the history and built heritage of Castleisland Castle. The society was established by Robert McGuire (Chairperson and producer of the documentary) MA Archaeology University College Cork. We aim to make a riveting documentary charting the history of Castleisland Castle. This will enhance the public’s awareness and knowledge of their local history. Also it will generate a renewed pride in the castle and the town’s history which will enhance the vibrancy of the area as well as boost the community spirit. Furthermore it will develop and expand the tourist potential of the Castleisland area.We aim to make a documentary charting the history of Castleisland Castle. It is a non-profit making venture which will culminate with a free premiere of the documentary which will be held in Castleisland town.We main aim to generate a renewed pride and passion in the history of the local history by making a documentary on the history of Castleisland Castle. Ultimately it will preserve the story of the castle in respect for past generations, as well as for future generations to follow. Our second target is to open a display room in Castleisland town where the history of the castle, as 3D model of the structure, as well as the documentary may be viewed for free. This will enhance the tourism potential of the area. Our third target is to raise funds to maintain the surviving sections of the castle.The tourist potential of the Castleisland area will be greatly boosted as a result of the documentary. This will improve the economy of the area. The documentary film will ensure that everybody (locals and tourists alike) will have FREE access to the castle’s history on-line. By making this documentary we hope to put Castleisland town on the tourist map as a town with a unique medieval history and castle remains.

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