Passion of Diving – Voluntary Non-Profit Making Association

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18 Croilar Na Mhisiealach Tralee Co. Kerry V92HD2R | 0872537807 | |
We often hear the statement that helping people is in our blood and nothing is impossible for us. Passion of Diving are a non-profit organization. We specialize in scuba diving accessible to everyone. We are the only organization in all Ireland that dives with disabled people. Our greatest passion is supporting and helping others to achieve their new goals and dreams. We are active observers of the reality that surrounds us, we react to every possibility of supporting another person and we use the opportunities given to us to the maximum. We have instructors and specially trained assistants for “Adaptive” divers ( any level of physical disabilities) we are willing to provide a professional service as we are trained to work with people with disabilities.

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