Kerry Branch of Arthritis Ireland

The aims of the Kerry Branch of Arthritis Ireland are to provide support and information to arthritis sufferers and the people who care for them in the Kerry area. “Little things make a big difference in the lives of people living with arthritis” When suffering from arthritis it is the LITTLE THINGS that people take for granted that become BIG THINGS, like tying shoes laces, preparing a dinner, lifting up your child, brushing your teeth. Arthritis makes a BIG DIFFERENCE (loss of independence, reduced quality of life depression, isolation, pain and fear) to thousands of people’s lives in Ireland today. Arthritis Ireland is a hands on organisation that is doing a range of big & little things to improve the lives of people living with arthritis. We are Irelands only organisation that is single-mindedly focused on transforming the experience of people with arthritis. Every day, we do voluntary work in communities across Ireland providing community based education programmes to help people effectively manage and control this devastating disease. Actively drive grassroots advocacy so that the voice of people with arthritis is heard and understood and we work with the medical community to control and cure arthritis.

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