Desmonds Avenue Residential Association

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1 Desmonds Avenue Castleisland Co. Kerry V92E042 |
We are a voluntary group living Desmonds Avenue set up for the upkeep and maintenance of our area. This group was set up many year ago. There was a new committee elected in 2017 but they failed to make any effort or apply for grants to help with maintenance. There was a lack of communication between the committee. As of June 2022 we have come together to elect a new committee. Since then we have cleaned up the Avenue significantly. There is alot more work to be done but we simply cannot do it with no funding. Our lawnmower is broken and it is not fixable. It was left ideal and out in the over the past few years. One of our neighbours is kindly cutting the grass at the moment but will not be able to carry on long term. We have issues with broken curbs, which are very dangerous with the young kids playing.

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