Beaufort Special Needs Project Ltd /Ta Home From Home After Schools Service for children with special Needs

Social Inclusion |
Aims and Objectives • To ensure the sustainability of Home from Home School Age Childcare Service for Children with Disabilities • To support the quality of life of children with disabilities and special needs and their families in Kerry. • To facilitate school age children with disabilities and special needs to receive family support and respite for themselves and for their families, in an after school setting • To provide children with skills in independence and socialization with their peers. • To enable children with physical and intellectual disabilities participate as equal members of Society by providing a service in the community. • To provide a respite opportunity for families in order to prevent a breakdown in family relationships (parents, siblings, grandparents, etc) ‘Home from Home’ enables school age children with disabilities to participate in extra curricular activities in a social setting with their peers giving them the same opportunities as are as afforded non disabled children.

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