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Annascaul House Main Street Annascaul Co. Kerry V92PR23 | 876970311 | |
To improve the social economic, cultural, environmental, biodiversity and tourism aspects of the village and environs. Promote the economic sustainability of the village and it's community through the enhancement of the area. To enhance the appearance of the village and build on visitor numbers by promoting its famous sons Tom Crean, Jerome Connor, it's heritage paths, archaeological sites and its natural beauty. To encourage volunteer ism, community spirit, education and ecological awareness by way of weekly outdoor activities as well as ongoing projects on the conservation of native species of flora and fauna. To have an input into the future development of the village and it's environs. natural habitats and human rights ie. liaise with Local/National Authority, world health organisations, UN,EU and service providers. Running for kids/family/adults and walking sli na slanta (heart foundation), for kids/family/adults. Tom Crean Cycle Challange. Run on Inch Beach Kids/family/adults and Annasacaul Allotments.

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