Street Feast 2018 ,which was supported by Kerry PPN in the county, was a raging success this weekend, thank you for making it possible!



The Committee are wrapping things up now, collecting photos, videos and feedback and looking towards planning for next year. 


Next Steps:


We are currently collecting photos and videos from Street Feast events

Surveys to Street Feast hosts and attendees are being sent out today

Prizes for photo and video competitions will be awarded and announced on social media and our blog nextweek

There will be county-specific report which will include photos of the feasts in your area and a very short survey to gather feedback on your experience of Street Feast 2018, should you receive one we would greatly appreciate you completing. This email will be sent out in the coming fortnight.



Thanks again! If you need anything from us in the meantime, please let me know, otherwise we’ll be in touch again soon.



Finally, our date for Street Feast 2019 is Sunday 9th June. Please pop it in your diary!