RECYCLING INFORMATION is a new government website that gives practical advice and information on waste and recycling in the household.

A very useful function on is the a-z of waste materials that you can search and find out what to do with different wastes – this is the direct link to a-z search section section:

Please find below answers to some of the most common queries we get about waste and recycling coming up to Christmas.

​Can I recycle wrapping paper?

There are mixed and confusing messages on social media about whether wrapping paper can be recycled.

Yes wrapping paper can be be recycled.  Wrapping paper doesn’t have to be plain brown paper.  The wrapping paper can be coloured and patterned.  Please remove the cellotape as much as you can before putting it into the recycling bin.

The type of wrapping paper that cannot be put in the recycling bin is foil type wrapping paper.  The following is a good rule of thumb to help tell the difference  – recyclable wrapping paper can be easily ripped or torn; you cannot rip or tear the foil type wrapping paper, it can only be cut using a scissors

Plastic tubs for sweets, like Heroes, Celebrations, Roses tubs?

These tubs are made from rigid plastic and these can be recycled in your green bin.

What about the recycling symbols on the packaging?

​Please ignore these symbols.  The symbols on plastic packaging indicate the type of plastic used in the packaging.  Unfortunately not all plastics can be recycled in the domestic recycling bin.  Plastics that can be recycled are the rigid plastics such as yoghurt pots, shampoo bottles, soft drink bottles and plastic food trays.  Please clean and air dry them before putting the containers into the recycling bin.

What can go into the recycling bin?

There is one national recycling list that helps reduce confusion about what can and cannot go into the recycling bin.  All waste contractors have agreed this list with the Department and with Repak.  If you are using a recycling bin in Dublin, Kerry or Galway the list of recyclables is the same regardless of who your waste contractor is.  Check out
to get more detail on the list.

The materials on the national recycling are paper and cardboard, tins and cans and rigid plastics.  The main message for householders is to present these materials in the recycling bin clean, dry and loose.

Real Christmas Trees?

  1. Accepted at Kerry County Councils five Civic Amenity Sites for €3.
  2. Killarney Municipal has a drop off location in New Street Carpark from Friday Jan 4th to Friday Jan 18th that is free of charge
  3. In Tralee Dillon Recycling and Higgins Recycling accept Christmas Trees.

Householders are asked to please remove all baubles, tinsel and Christmas lights from the trees before disposal.

What are the opening times for Kerry Co. Councils Civic Amenity Sites?

All five CA’s are open after Christmas on Friday December 28th, open for half day on Saturday December 29th, and open on Monday December 31st.  The Civic Amenity Sites are closed on New Years Day.  Normal operating days and times resume from Wednesday January 2nd 2019.  Contact the Environment Section at 066 7162000 for any further queries about our Civic Amenity sites