Essential Workers as at 27th March.

 The Government has published its list of 16 categories of essential workers under the new restrictions , categorised as follows 1. Agricultureand Fishing 2. Manufacturing 3. Repair and installation of Machinery and Equipment 4. Electricity, Gas & Water 5. Construction6. Wholesale and Retail Trade 7. Transport Storage and Communication 8. Accommodation and Food Services9. Information and Communications10. Financial and legal activities 11. Professional, Scientific and Technical activities 12. Rental and Leasing Activities13. Administrative and Support Services 14. Public Administration and Defence15. Human health and social work activities 16. Community/Voluntary Services

The Government is establishing community support fora, led by local authorities to help vulnterable memebers of the society, especially those subject to new coronavirus cocooning requirements

The groups are being led by chaired and cooordinated by each local authority chief executive and will include the HSE, the council, An Post, Community Welfare Service, the Garda, other State organisations and charities.

Services will include collection and delivery of food, essential household items, fuel, medication, transport to testing, GPs and hospital appointments. If a vulnerable person needs assistance they can contact 0818 222024

Elizabeth Canavan, assistant secretary general of the Department of the Taoiseach, speaking at a media briefing now at Government Buildings, said the list of essential workers would be published on Saturday evening. She said there would be a grace period until 6pm on Monday for businesses to wind down