Kilgarvan Child Care

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We are a community run creche and preschool situated in the rural area of kilgarvan, we cater for 26 kids on a daily basis , providing creche and preschool facilities, we open from 8:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the evening , we rely heavily on goverment funding to keep us running ,we have 4 full time staff , a ce participant at the moment , we provide a play based curriculm for our kids and are fully committed to ensuring each child is cared for to a high standard . we were set up in 2006 and have grown since .we get inspections from a number of areas like enviromental health checks , early years inspections and tusla inspections in order to be compliant in all of these areas we need to maintain a high standard of clenliness with in the creche and preschool and adjoining rooms , as of late we have found this very difficult as in order to manitain cleanliness us staff have to rotate and do alot of the cleaning on a daily basis as we have no cleaner at the moment. we provide childcare not just confined to the kilgarvan area , but we also have children from kenmare traveling out to us on a daily basis so we cater for the hinterlands around kenmare and kilgarvan .

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