Future of Ukrainian Nation

The mission is to form a mature, physically healthy, creatively thinking nation with deep knowledge, able to find its place in life and be useful to this world. Creation of measures to strengthen and form the personality of the Ukrainian nation, which has not only a modern level of knowledge, but also acquires the skills of a creative approach to solving emerging problems and tasks, the ability to further self-organized activities aimed at increasing its intellectual potential and creative abilities. Preservation and development of Ukrainian traditions among the Ukrainian people. Creating a favorable environment and supporting Ukrainian children. Activities: 1. Language courses of the Ukrainian language for the development of their culture 2. English language courses to adapt to Ireland as soon as possible and improve academic performance 3. Creative events dedicated to international Ukrainian holidays 4. Studying Irish culture and participating in local charity and creative projects 5. Creating a summer camp for children 6. Organization of music clubs for children 7. Organization of linguistic classes for the development of the child’s speech 8. Events for the study of the history of Ukraine 9. Activities for the study of Ukrainian and foreign literature 10.Creating a dance class for children 11. Creating acting lessons

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