Christmas in Killarney Festival

The Festival started out with the simple idea of getting new Christmas lights for the town and to get people to shop locally for Christmas. he festival is run solely by volunteers through the Killarney Chamber of Commerce and everyone gives their time free of charge. The focus of the festival is on town centre decoration and lighting. We sprinkle in community events such as a weekly Magic Parade, Santa fun run, Tea Dance for the elderly and other commercial events such as Killarney On Ice Dine in Killarney and Christmas concerts and gigs to name but a few. The aim of the festival is to ensure Killarney has a buzz and a wow factor at Christmas time that helps to create another season outside of the traditional tourist season.

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Day 5 Thought for the day #ppn@10
Day 5: Friday 21st June - Empowering Voices "The Kerry PPN has empowered countless individuals and groups by giving them a platform to voice their concerns, share their ideas, and..
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Day 4, Thought for the day #ppn@10
Day 4: Thursday 20th June - Fostering Collaboration "The Kerry PPN thrives on collaboration, bringing together various community groups to work towards common goals and build stronger, more resilient communities."..
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Thought for the day #ppn@10
Day 3: Celebrating Community Impact "Today we celebrate the incredible impact the Kerry PPN has had on our communities, from improving local services to enhancing social cohesion and environmental sustainability."..
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Thought of the day #ppn@10
Day 2: Tuesday 18th June - Highlighting Achievements "Over the past decade, The Kerry PPN has successfully bridged the gap between communities and local authorities, driving positive change and fostering..
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