Cahersiveen Rowing Club

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We are a non profit , voluntary, community based sports club. We hold a great respect for tradition while also embracing modern advances. We are always involved in and support community initiatives and those in our community eg. Hosting St. Stephen's day walk/run in aid of The Alzheimers Association. eg encouraging youth to become involved. eg card games Supporting club members and integrating with the community. Mission Statement; Cahersiveen Rowing Club was formally established in 1950. Its’ origins pre date this significantly as rowing in Cahersiveen was once naturally integrated into the everyday living of the people in this area. It was part of who we were and intrinsically it is part of who we are. Cahersiveen Rowing Club is a non profit sports club. We are non discriminatory and do not discriminate against any person or groups on the grounds of; Gender, Civil or Family status, Age, Disability, Race, Ethnicity or National Origin, Sexual Orientation, Religious or Political Beliefs, Membership of the Traveller Community. Cahersiveen Rowing Club is fully committed to safeguarding young people and children in sport. We wholeheartedly endorse all Safeguarding Guidance and prioritise the welfare of our young members. We fully comply with all Child Protection procedures and aim to maintain and enhance an environment where children are safe, are happy, have fun, learn new skills, build friendships, develop a sense of belonging, follow the rules, develop physical fitness, develop mental fitness and wellbeing, achieve success, learn from the failures and develop a love for rowing. Cahersiveen Rowing Club aims that all members enjoy being part of such an environment. Cahersiveen Rowing Club aims to protect the traditions of our local sport. Tradition is very important in our club; traditional styles of rowing, traditional equipment and traditional terminologies. While we embrace the wonderful modern advances in rowing, we aim to keep a part of our culture alive for the generations to come.

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